Upp Advokatbyrå supports you in matters concerning public procurement

Upp consists of Sara-Li Olovsson and Erik Edström and we run our business with a vision to offer highly specialized and quality advice to all parties in the public business.

Business advice

Complex issues can arise whether you are bidding in a public procurement, conducting a procurement or using a procured contract. We provide advice that explains the rules of the game for you, so you can focus less on law and more on doing good business.

Straight and clear

Through our long practical experience, we are used to making decisions and difficult choices. We are working cross-functionally and packaging the law in a clear, simple and understandable way. As a client, you can rest assured that we deliver clear, straightforward and honest advice and recommendations.

Experienced employees

Our strength is our vast experience. Together, we have very extensive experience of working with all aspects of public affairs, from appeal processes to strategic procurement assessments. As there are only two of us working on all cases, our advice is exclusively provided by senior and highly experienced lawyers.