For you as a supplier

Public business is different from private business in many ways. The stakes are high for mistakes at the tender stage and the scope for negotiation is severely limited. Even during the contract period, there are specific rules to follow e.g., if you need to adjust the contract. Understanding the rules is crucial to being a successful supplier to public sector. Whether you are an experienced tenderer or are on the outside looking in, we can support you.

One key to being a successful supplier is to be active both before and during the tender phase. Possibilities to influence the design of the procurement or to ask questions about the procurement documents afterwards are limited. We can help you establish a constructive dialogue with a contracting authority or entity before, during and after a procurement.

Examples of what we can help you with

Education in public procurement and tendering.

Strategic support for tender organizations, for example the development of templates, routines, working methods and texts.

Support in dialogue with contracting authorities prior to procurement.

Support during procurement procedures, including tender support, legal risk analysis and quality assurance.

Handling of appeals.

Dialogue with the contracting authority during the contract period, including handling of disputes.