For you as a contracting authority or entity

A well-executed procurement results in the right product at the right price, satisfied contractors and competitors who are happy to participate in procurements again. That way, public procurement is sustainable and means responsible management of public funds and better welfare. Our goal is to help our public sector clients achieve this.

We believe that one way to accomplish this is dialogue before, during and after procurement. To talk to, and above all listen to, market actors. Dialogue is key both to commercially successful procurement and to avoiding expensive and time-consuming appeals.

Examples of what we can offer you

Education in public procurement.

Strategic support for procurement organizations, such as the development of templates, policies, guidelines and other governing documents.

Advice in individual procurement projects, such as quality assurance, negotiation or development of contract terms.

Handling of appeals.

Dispute management.

Advice on issues that arise during the term of a procured agreement.